Dota Workshop Tools Update Points Towards Source Engine 2

Valve’s recently released large update for the Dota 2 map editor and modding tools has been dissected by the community to reveal evidence that points towards Source Engine 2.

Valve’s new Source Engine 2 is not really a big secret. In fact the company had already confirmed a couple of years back that development on Source 2 had begun. However, since then we’ve yet to see anything materialize.

The recent update though has brought in many game files that not only shout Source Engine 2, but it could also mean the Valve has actually soft launched the engine this week by moving all of the editor’s assets and code over to Source 2.

Posts on the web have compiled a list of files that now have been updated to include the letter 2 at the end. For example all previous files that had the text Source 1 in them have now been renamed to Source 2. On the other hand other files have simply been renamed to add the letter 2 at the end.

“Engine.dll” is now “Engine2.dll and “Vconsole.dll” is now “Vconsole2.dll.”

The update also brought in code that hints the rumored Left 4 Dead 3.

It’s been ten long years since Valve launched its core Source Engine. It has been utilized by many titles in this time to bring us some great and memorable experiences. The latest of them all is Titanfall which is powered by the same code that was used for Counter-Strike Source and Half-Life 2.

Gamescom 2014 takes place next week and Valve is expected to talk about their new Steam Machine controller. Could they also announce Source 2?

Source: NeoGAF