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Destiny Will Not Ship With Microtransactions

Bungie has assured fans that Destiny won’t ship with microtransactions. However, there’s no guarantee that the developer won’t implement in-game purchases at a later date.

According to Senior Envrionment artist Jason Sussman, “everything is in-game” and players just have to play the game to find different equipment. Weapons, armors, and other items can be all found through looting different enemies or treasure chests.

“Even within the tower you will receive different rewards that you’re rewarded within the game,” explained Sussman.

At the same time, Sussman never really pointed out that it purchasable items won’t be added sometime post-release. Currently, the option of providing cosmetics to players in exchange of a little real-life cash is a very lucrative business model for publishers.

Destiny being the most anticipated game this year and expected to post major sales figures, one can always expect a company to drop in a little in-game store to lure in the large fan-base.

However, last year Senior Writer Eric Osborne was noted to have said that Bungie isn’t looking to “nickel and dime people” with additional content.

“We’ve not announced anything on the microtransaction front but our goal is to absolutely make sure that when we deliver a game for $60 that’s a great experience no matter what type of player you are,” he said. “So we’re not looking at any pay-for-power type stuff. That’s what I hear as a player when people say they’re worried about models and schemes that nickel and dime people; we’re not going to do that.”

Destiny is scheduled for release on September 9 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4.

via GamingBolt