Big Insurgency Update Comes With Free Weekend

If you’ve been aching to shoot some people this weekend, virtually, then Insurgency’s free weekend on Steam might be your thing. This realistic shooter has put out an extensive update, called Hunt, which it wants newcomers to sample.

In the update, a new cooperative mode will work on more stealthy approaches, where the previous option is a more standard shooter dynamic. In general, the game also receives two new multiplayer maps, Panj and Uprising.

Another sizable difference is the addition of a statistic framework that ranks players. These will separate users into three different tiers; Gold, Silver and Bronze, much like eSports titles.

Some trinkets for weapons are thrown in the update as well, with grenade and smoke launchers, as well as a new optic. Additional purchases during rounds in Insurgency work similar to the Counter-Strike model.

Finally, some touchups to the visual effects and user interface come with this patch of content as well. Moreover, all these additions are free, as Insurgency keeps its development plans traditional to the bone.

Along with the Hunt content drop and the free weekend, the game will also be going on sale. During the duration of the event, you’ll be able to pick it up at a 50% discount.

Be advised: Insurgency is a community hit and tons of shooter fans have already flocked to the game that once started as a Counter-Strike mod. Therefore, picking off some enemies may be harder than you’d expect.

Moreover, the game favors long range approaches on a lot of maps. Crawling, throwing smoke grenades and patiently waiting it out is advised.

If you want a bit less realism than Insurgency, Battlefield 4 is also currently free. It’s a big week for shooters.