Bayonetta 2’s Enemy Designs are Ridiculous

As part of a new series of reveals about the various enemy designs, we now have a slight glimpse into the ridiculous world of Bayonetta 2.

In a new Platinum Games blog post, Game Director Yusuke Hashimoto has shared information on Bayonetta 2’s Angel enemy designs. The post contains great details on how the the inspiration for each foe came about and what purpose it would meet.

This is still only part one of the post, with more information on other enemies promised in another post for next week.

The first enemy Hashimoto talked about is called the Headless Angel, which was designed “to have a powerful, solemn, sacred look to him, but also kinda be an idiot.” The foe carries a large sword with a face on it. Hashimoto revealed that the sword is his actual body and that the face is from his actual head.

The Magic Angel was designed to act as a healer and supporter for allies. This one is not only missing his head, but also its feet from the waist down. With four hands, it brandishes a pointy staff in battle.

Then there’s the Centaur Angel, which is part human, part horse, is also headless and has a face on the torso instead.

The Whip Angel was designed specially to portray an asymmetrical look to make it easy to understand how it attacks. The Iron Ball Angel on the other hand was designed to be a “powerhouse”. The Fish Angel features a ridiculous design where an enlarged fish is basically attached to a mirrored body.

Finally, we have the Dragon Angel with wings poised on either side like a Cobra’s and an inverted head smacked in the middle. The Dragon Angel is also one of the game’s bosses.

Source: Platinum Games