WildStar PvP Changes to Effectively Balance the Game

WildStar is going to undergo more PvP changes soon, most of which is based on player feedback and aimed to keep both sides happy.

In a post made on the official site, the developer listed out changes that already have been pushed out and those which will be soon.

Healing in PvP battles is going to be improved. That said, the numbers are going to go through vigorous testing to ensure that it’s considered balanced. As such, there is no ETA on this except that it’s prioritize to be tackled soon.

Another issue that has no ETA is ‘Time to Kill’. According to the post, the developers are keeping a watchful eye on players’ health values in end game PvP and “looking at possible adjustments to the Min/Max damage modifiers gained through PvP stats.”

The following set of changes are going to be enforced in the next few weeks so that skilled players in blue wears will still be able to take on opponents wearing Tier 2 sets.

  • The PvP blue set will be boosted to the current Tier 1 set
  • The Tier 2 set will remain the same
  • The Tier 1 set will be boosted to bridge the gap between blues and Tier 2.
  • The cost of blues will also be reduced by approximately 50%

Speaking of Tier 2 PvP gear, the developers are thinking on making it obtainable in Rated Battlegrounds. This is not confirmed and requires careful consideration, updates on which will be provided later.

There are a lot of other changes being planned as well. You can go through each of them by heading to the official WildStar website.