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Surgeon Simulator PS4 Anniversary Edition Slated for Aug. 13 Release

Surgeon Simulator will be released next week on PS4 in the form anniversary edition, which will “contain all of the best parts from the Steam and iPad release in one convenient package,” according to Poppy Byron.

It includes the eye and teeth transplant from the Ipad version of the game, along with original operation theatre, ambulance, space and alien aircraft operations. In addition, the PS4 players will get an exclusive game mode for the title.

No information about the new mode has been shared yet but with Gamescom upon us we will be getting more news regarding the additional Mode. However, Byron did mention this:

“All we CAN say is that it’s something our community asked for. Daily,And we hate to disappoint.”

If you are not aware of the game, as the name says, it is a surgical simulation (in a humorous way) which was originally created by UK based Developer Bossa Studios for Global Game Jam 2013.

Afterwards, the Studio kept working on the title and The full version on the game was released via steam on April 19, 2013.

So, what do you think of this Ambitious title? Worth playing? let us know in the comments below.