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Star Citizen: Arena Commander is Now Available to All Backers

The second module of Cloud Imperium Games’ space trading and combat simulator, Star Citizen: Arena Commander Multiplayer is now available to all backers.

After reviewing users’ date from Update v.12.5, the developer decided to add an additional 50,000 players and now has opened the floodgates to all backers. Anyone with Alpha Access or Arena Commander Pass can now play the current multiplayer modes with more to be added soon.

Newcomers should also note that they will be playing a pre-alpha module and may experience unwanted bugs/glitches. Nonetheless, the developer has promised active support and that the next couple of weeks will be solely dedicated to game tweaks, balances, and adding many features in the pipeline (like keybindings, scoreboards, and additional ships).

In related Arena Commander News, the game’s server is experiencing heavy loads associated with the multiplayer rollout which is expected to be sorted out soon:

We are currently seeing server load issues associated with the multiplayer rollout. Our engineers are investigating the problem. Discovering issues like this is the benefit of making such an early build available to the public! We thank you for your patience and support.

Those of you who haven’t tried out the game yet, Robert Space Industries have compiled a nice little beginner’s guide to get you through the initial stages of the game. Head over to RSI’s weblog for more information!

Are you currently playing the pre-alpha module? Share your impressions with us in the comments below!