The Sims 4 Might Come to Other Platforms After PC Release

PC exclusive The Sims 4 might get ported to other platforms. The game was announced on May 6, 2013 and since then, has managed to generate a lot of buzz regarding its create a Sim feature and addition of emotions and personality into its virtual humans.

While no confirmation is given by the developer, it is possible that The Sims 4 could get ported.

Sharing his views on the topic in this weeks issue of MCV, producer Rayn Vaughan stated :

“Only coming to PC at the moment… once we get it to the point when it launches in September and find that the game is playing well, we’ll explore the possibility of it coming to other platforms.”

Although packed with features, the game does lack some of the key gameplay elements such as toddler life stage, swimmings pools and swimming wear, which were included in the previous installments of the game.

The game is currently in Development and is all set to launch on September 2, 2014 in North America and Sep 4th in Europe.

Fans should keep their hopes up as previous versions of the game have been released on consoles as well, so it won’t be a surprise if we see an official announcement soon after the game’s PC launch.

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