Roguelike Runers Gets A Fun And Free Steam Demo

Publisher Mastertronic has released a demo for Runers, a feisty roguelike headed for PC on September 2, 2014. That demo is on Steam as well, which is becoming a rarity, at least so far off from release time.

Moreover, this demo offers quite a bit of content already. There are five races to choose from and five classes.

Additionally, it’s possible to wrestle through three floors of procedurally generated content. Two bosses will be able to spawn on the last floor.

What’s most impressive about Runers is just how jam-packed with variety it is. Its main combat component comes from magic spells, of which the demo has 65.

This is only a slice of what will be launched. There will be 20 races, each with their own traits, 20 classes with separate stats, ten floor, five bosses and a staggering 285 spells.

Runers unlocks added content through a combination of runes found from defeated enemies and the likes. Doing so will yield better and more potent spells, which can even be enhanced in their potency in their own progression system.

Given the ranged element, there is quite a bit of “kiting” in Runers, which means stringing large mobs along as you fire them off, one by one. Other than that, the swift pace gets quite intoxicating, considering some rooms also offer their own traits and challenges.

Also, trying to activate each spell at a time, as there are four to six combos possible, can be a bit dodgy on the fingers. Runers probably won’t be much of a problem for the online player used to hotkey bars though, but it does require some finesse.