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Ouya Wants You For Its Developing Developers Program

Android console Ouya has put out an update that will make its game development a bit easier. In this Developing Developers initiative, it wants to attract those otherwise intimidated by the learning curve of coding.

To give people some pointers, it has put up an application called Android Integrated Developer Environment or AIDE for short. It provides a few tutorials on the basics of game making for Ouya.

AIDE comes in a free format or a premium purchase of $29.99. With the paid version, an additional 46 lessons will be unlocked, which should be more than enough.

Apparently, some development could even be done just with the Ouya controller. That must be quite awkward, so being able to stick to a USB keyboard is probably best.

Along with the AIDE platform, the Developing Developers initiative will also hold workshops and the likes to keep bringing in new people interested in game making. Ouya will even collaborate with schools.

It’s a noble effort to make Ouya a bit more accessible, certainly since the Android platform is normally fairly easy to work on. In its early stages, however, the console received some critical feedback from developers on its obstacles.

Given the Ouya brand is going to become available on items other than its own console, such as TVs, this initiative should help build out a bigger library available to more people. It’s a double win.

Currently, there are 887 games on Ouya. More and more are coming, as multiple Kickstarter projects still support the platform.