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Minecraft Xbox One To Release on August 19?

If a GameStop listing is to be believed, Minecraft will release for the Xbox One on August 19.

We already knew that the game would release for Microsoft’s new console this month and now we have a date to match that. According to the listing, the game will be priced at $5 but this is for those who already own the game on the Xbox 360. Unfortunately we don’t have any news on how much it will cost for those without a last-gen copy.

At the end of the day we still don’t have any confirmation on this news from either the developer, or publisher. Hence, we’re going to just file it under rumors. GameStop or any other major retailer for that matter are known to leak games. However, it can just easily be fake.

August 19 isn’t that far off and perhaps Microsoft will drop the announcement during Gamescom that will just conclude before the given date.

On the web some are speculating on the possibility of multiplayer servers for the Xbox One version. While Mojang has the resources for Azure’s servers, the studio hasn’t really offered any previous statements that would have us convinced of any such prospect.

With all the attention being diverted to the Xbox One version, Xbox 360 owners should know that Microsoft does not plan to end its support for the last-gen version. Microsoft Studios game producer Roger Carpenter has assured fans that they would still be supporting Xbox 360 owners. The platform was after all where the game found its initial success and still has a notable fan-base.

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