Let Ron Jeremy Plug Heist Game Crookz To You

Publisher Kalypso Media is going to try to pull off one more new title with Crookz, a PC title set on heists in the funky seventies. It will release somewhere in 2015.

In the game, players take charge of a team with different characters, each usable for their own specialties. Together, they’ll work to infiltrate a location, distract anyone snooping around and ultimately get their prize, while remaining undetected.

Crookz sort of plays with the stealth model, but not in an all-out way. It’s just as possible to send a bruiser to rough up security guards standing in the way.

This seedy new title is being promoted with a humorous trailer that features Ron Jeremy. This aging character is a porn legend, which is topical here for some reason. At least Ron has some acting chops.



The live action trailer won’t really show anything from the game, other than its light-hearted take. There is, however, a website with some screens and additional info.

Aside from roaming these groovy pads with a full team simultaneously, players will also be able to hand tools to their thieves. These include camera jammers, chloroform and explosives.

There are 20 missions, but also a Challenge Mode that can be shared with others. Otherwise, Crookz is a singleplayer title.

This isn’t the first time Kalypso Media is going for the stealthy genre. Previously, it tried to win over crowds with the vampiric title Dark, but their good intentions were shot down harshly by critics.

Together with Omerta: City of Gangsters and other thematic releases, we’re fans of the oddball games this company tries to produce, even if it’s a niche taste. Hopefully, Crookz can follow suit.