Hellraid’s E3 2014 Gameplay Shows Inventory System and Combat

The past weekend, developer Techland hosted a special developer walkthrough session online where they streamed gameplay footage of Hellraid that was previously shown at E3 in June.

Those who missed out on the live stream can now watch the entire demo above. The footage runs for 21 minutes and gives you a good idea about how the game’s combat and inventory system works.

The demo in the footage is using their Chrome Engine 5. However, Hellraid is soon going to shift to the new Chrome Engine 6 that promises better performance and “new cool features.” Techland has promised to demonstrate a new level next week at Gamescom using this new Engine. The developer will also be highlighting the many improvements it brings over the previous iteration.

In Hellraid, players fill the shoes of “the last member of a cursed kin.” Forming an alliance with an old mage, they both venture forward to try and stop the infernal forces from destroying the world.

The game will feature both co-operative and single player modes, as well as an online mode called ‘Game Master’. All content is going to be randomly generated to add to replay value and the co-op mode is going to support up to four players.

Hellraid was originally being developed for the last-gen consoles but was then overhauled for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game is scheduled for release sometime in 2015.