GTA Online God Mode Glitch is Still Causing Problems, Makes Players Invincible

Several forums over the internet have been reporting about the God Mode Glitch, which, apparently makes People immune to Damage and their cars become indestructible.

Complaints have also been posted on the Rockstar forum about the problem in GTA Online. One of the players mentioned the he shot someone in the head with a sniper rifle to no effect:

“Just shoot a guy with sniper two perfect headshots and he took no damage not so ever, And no he was not in passive or about to join a job, cos seconds later he shot me. Another guy took an rpg right in the kisser, oh no damage.”

Along with immunity to damage player are reporting that some vehicles have also become indestructible, A player Adds: “ encountered a number of players that couldn’t be killed while their cars never explode”.

Rockstar has started Banning users of the game who were allegedly using this glitch to their advantage. Players are claiming that the glitch popped its head a few weeks ago and is very easy to do.

Apparently, the Developer has done nothing concrete yet, besides banning players who use this glitch. Let’s that a permanent solution will be devised soon.

Grand Theft Auto Online was released last year on PS3 and Xbox 360, with a release for the next gen version of the game now confirmed, one can only hope that rockstar fixes these issues with their heavily popular game before it comes out.

What are you’re thoughts on this GTA Online God Mode Glitch? How has it affected your experience in the game? Share you’re views in the comments below.