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Football Manager 2015 Confirmed for November Release

Football Manager 2015 has been confirmed for a release in November this year by developer Sports Interactive.

Football Manager 2015 is said to feature a lot of improvements over its predecessors but exact details about said features are going to wait until October. For reasons unknown, the developer wants to take its sweet time and only inform us about the new installment a month before release.

Looking back at Football Manager 2014, the game received a good welcome but still could not dethrone Football Manager 2013, which is still widely considered as the best installment in the series.

Sales for last year’s iteration also took a big hit when a cracked version was leaked somehow online even before the game’s official release. Sports Interactive admitted that the cracked version hurt them quite badly and it failed to trump the sales of the 2013 version.

Football Manager 2014 also saw to both the game’s original mode and simplified Classic mode borrowing elements from each other. It will be interesting to see just how much of this borrowing has continued in the latest installment or whether one has decided to stop altogether.

The game is in development for the PC, Mac and Linux platforms. Anyone who registers with the studio’s inSIder club before September 1 will be able to get a discount on the game when it releases.