Far Cry 4 Vice Developer Diary Part 3 is About the Freedom Fighters

When I got first glimpse of Pegan Min from Far Cry 4, it was obvious that he is going to be the right villain for next chapter in Far Cry. However, I wasn’t expecting that the game would take place in Himalayas and was little concerned whether Ubisoft Montreal will be able to justify the local environment.

Having seen the progress so far, all my doubts are gone as the developers have proved that they have done their homework well to give us a close feel of the chilly regions of Kyrat.

Not only that, team at Ubisoft Montreal also decided to share their real-time experience while exploring Nepal via a three-part documentary, two of which have already been released.

If you are hearing about this documentary for the first time, you can check out this link for the first two parts.

In the third and final part, the developer is trying to get inspiration from the Moaist soldiers who fought for the freedom of that region in early 1950s.

Why you ask? Well, those are considered as freedom fighters of the territory and since our protagonist Ajay Ghale is also more of a freedom fighter, it made sense to get close to the ones who actually fought for the freedom.

I am not going to teach you history though as the video above is going to serve that purpose for you.

As far as I am concerned, after watching the video, I am even more excited to explore Kyrat to see how deep Ubisoft Montreal went to show us the reflection of reality.