The Division Won’t Allow Players to Drive, Contextualized Looting Explained

Tom Clancy’s The Division is a massively multiplayer online game and as massive as it is, you still won’t be able to drive on the streets of New York.

The game is heavily inspired by real life events of Operation Dark Winter and Directive 51. The streets are giving the feel of apocalypse and the Government is no where to be found, so yes! you will need loot to survive and for that we need a looting system.

While sharing information about the game, in an interview with Examiner executive producer of The Division, Fredrik Rundqvist explained:

“For a typical RPG, if you kill a badass guy you get loot right? That’s going to be in The Division, but what we also want to do is provide contextualized looting.
“If you’re looking for ammo, you will go into a sporting goods store or a police station. If you’re looking for med-kits, you go into the hospital, so it’s not going to just be spread out randomly all over the world. You can really imagine where it would be in the real world and head there in the game,”

Furthermore, he talked about why they didn’t want vehicles in their game to be drivable.

“I think it’s fair to talk about the density of content, all of the details and all of the realism. That’s one of the reasons why we didn’t want vehicles in the game because when we tried it out, you would just drive past all of these great things and miss them,”

So yes, By the looks of it, looting system is going to play a huge role on this game.

The Division was previously announced only for Xbox One and PS4, later a PC version was also announced due to a lot of fans demanding the game for the platform. Thousands of people signed a petition which forced ubisofts hand and they agreed for a PC release.

The title will be available sometime next year. If you are as hyped about the game as we are, share your comments below.