Bioware’s New IP Gets Third Teaser Trailer, “You’ve Been Chosen”

Bioware released a third teaser trailer for its upcoming new IP which is to be unveiled at Gamescom later this month. The video has been titled as “You’ve been chosen: Impact teaser”.

The developer who’s known for its work on the famous Mass Effect along with other titles such as Dragon Age, Knights of the old Republic and some other known classic role-playing games, is currently working on a new IP which will be fully unveiled in about a weeks time.

The title was first talked about at the E3 2014 press conference by the executive producer at Bioware Casey Hudson “While the Montreal studio is working on the next Mass Effect game, our team here in Edmonton is developing a completely new IP,”

Nothing more has yet been revealed about the games genre and how the game will play out. But knowing Bioware’s history, it may very well be another RPG.

As we get closer to Gamescom everyday, all eyes are peeled in the hopes of seeing something spectacular from this skilled studio.

In addition, the next installment in the Mass Effect franchise is also in the works, along with Dragon Age: Inquisition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which is set for launch on Nov 18, 2014, so it’s pretty obvious that the new IP won’t come out atleast until 2015.

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