Battlefield: Hardline Weapons Data Compares AKM Against M16, and MG36 Versus G36C

Battlefield: Hardline players might consider the AKM to be largely better than the M16A4, but core weapons data suggests otherwise.

Posting on the official Battlefield blog, Lead Multiplayer Designer Thad Sasser posted some of the weapons data they collected for the M16A3, AKM, MG36 and the G36C.

Comparing the AKM to M16A4, Sasser revealed that while players opt for the AKM because of its increased damage, the M16A4 has racked up more kills by players. Additionally it also trumps the AKM in accuracy, suggesting that players find it easier to aim with the gun. Really, damage isn’t everything.

That being said, the increased kills on M16A4 could also be because in the beta it was pushed forward as the default gun on the default class. Players ultimately had to use it at the start and some even continued doing so once they got the hang of it.

“The AKM might still be a little OP, but it’s in the right ballpark for sure – it doesn’t feel like we need to take any action at the moment,” concluded Sasser.

Next he compared the MG36 against the G36C. According to the data, players have found it difficult to rack up kills and headshots with the MG36, despite it having a “decent rate of hits”. As for the G36C, Sasser called it as a weapon “needing a buff” because “it kind of feels like the worst mix of the AKM and the M16 in terms of stats.”

More weapon comparisons have been promised for the future.

Source Battlefield Blog