Assassin’s Creed: Unity Supports Large Crowds of 30,000

Ubisoft has revealed more details about Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Being targeted for just the current-gen consoles and PC, Ubisoft now has the capabilities to get past any limitations put forward by the last-gen machines.

The element of large crowds and players having to either blend in or run past them, has always been a core attraction for all Assassin’s Creed titles.

Compared to the original game, the video games industry progressed forward where they were able to put in even larger crowds and creating a captivating atmosphere.

According to the September issue of Game Informer, the crowds in Assassin’s Creed: Unity will be larger than any before.

How large you ask? Ubisoft states that they will reach upwards of 30,000 people. That is literally a small town and players will now have even more opportunities to interact with, look and move through a group of that size.

The NPCs in the crowds will also have their own personalities. The issue states that “Couples hold hands, arguments occur, and fights break out.” The new improved crowds will help establish an engaging world, one which Ubisoft believes will change how you play.

It was also revealed that Assassin’s Creed: Unity will have improved character customization which will include gameplay perks. Completing missions will earn you skill points, which can then be used to level up your navigation, stealth or combat skills.

This time around missions will not immediately fail and ask you to restart if you are detected. According to Ubisoft, in such situations the missions will simply shift their objectives and ask you to do different things.

For example, being spotted by a guard you’re following will have him either challenge you or run away.

In both cases you can kill him and loot his body for information. However, be warned that the commotion may attract more guards or his death may increase the security for whatever core objective it was that you had to achieve.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity launches on October 28 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.