XCOM: ENEMY Unknown Gets Its Own Board Game

Fantasy Flight Games Has partnered with FireAxe to make an XCOM: Enemy Unknown Themed board game. The trend continues.

Announced yesterday, the game will be shown in public for the first time at Gencon 2014 next week. You will need a companion app to keep track of this hybrid digital game, and the app will teach you how to master the game as well.

Up to four players can enjoy the experience but the game can also be played solo. Players will have to step into to one of the four roles available in the board game, either as an XCOM Commander, Chief Scientist, Central Officer or Squad Leader. Each have different roles.

According to the detail from the publisher’s webpage , responsibilities of each Player role will be as follows.

Commander : “The Commander is responsible to manage XCOM’s budget and must be foresightful enough to know when best to access the organization’s emergency funding and how best to allocate it.
Additionally, the Commander makes the tough decisions about where to assign XCOM’s limited number of Interceptors to global defense.”

Chief Scientist : If you and XCOM are to have any chance of successfully repelling the alien invaders, you’ll need better technology. The Chief Scientist’s responsibilities include studying advanced technology, learning how to harness it, manufacturing better weapons and armor, and equipping the rest of the organization with the tools they need to survive.”

Central officer : “The Central Officer serves as the communications relay between XCOM and the outside world. This means you manage the organization’s satellite network, and it is your job to ensure that the organization remains alert to potential threats, communicates and coordinates its efforts effectively between branches, and scrambles as many alien transmissions as possible.”

Squad Leader : “In the end, XCOM needs boots on the ground to confront the alien invaders, and it’s the Squad Leader’s job to ensure that the right troops are tackling the right missions. As the invasion escalates, you must assemble strike teams to meet the aliens in battle. Simultaneously, you must assign soldiers to defend the XCOM base, and you’ll need to strike an effective balance. If your base falls, so do you. So does the earth.”

Pretty much like the video game, players are tasked to maintain the global threat level while strengthening their forces, during an alien invasion. It was revealed last year the much of the video games prototyping was also done in the form of a board game.

The board game is set to hit retailers sometime later this year. are you looking forward to get you’re hand on the XCOM themed board game? share your thoughts in the comments below.