Sims 4 Audio Attempts to Create an Emotional Connection Between Player and Game

The long-awaited addition to the highly acclaimed The Sims series is quite near, and EA is gearing up for hopefully a controversy-free release this time around.

The last time a “Sim” based game was released, it turned out to be total disaster for the game publishing giant – SimCity was a completely disaster, and despite many attempts to redeem their mistakes, EA failed to make the otherwise very attractive title live up to the reputation of its predecessors.

Hopefully, they’ve learned their lesson and won’t be making similar mistakes with The Sims 4 – it certainly seems like they’re excited about the work being put into the title, as they carried out a behind-the-scenes interview with Robi Kauker, the subject almost exclusively being the audio of the game.

It’s a rather strange subject, but EA and Robi himself emphasized on how big an element the audio in the game plays to submerge the players into the simulated world (I use the word submerge because it sort of affiliates with sonar used by submarines. You get the point).

When asked about how exactly the audio played the vital role of bridging the player and the happenings inside the sim, Robi had two reasons.

“There are two major influences. The first is making sure that we don’t mess up. Our fans love the music in our games so we want to make sure we deliver a soundtrack that will meet their expectations. The second is a drive for a more physical presence in the game, something that would connect the sound and the world more tightly than before.”

Directional filtering will be an important part of how players associate the voices of the characters in the sim world. The objective, according to Robi, is to create an “emotional tie” between the player and the game to add to the realism and depth.

“Audio for me is all about enhancing the player’s experience and creating an emotional connection, so The Sims 4 is right in the sweet spot of my love.”

The Sims 4 is set for a September 2 release in North America, whereas Europe and Australia will have to wait two more days.