SimCity Gets a Free Four-Hour Trial on Origin, Sign up Now

Try it before you buy it! This is my way to go when it comes to most video games, unless I’m left with no choice like in the case of Electronic Arts’ city-building video game, SimCity. Nonetheless, things have started to take a different course now.

Just recently, Electronic Arts and Maxis announced a free trial of the game which lets players try out the game for four hours. Obviously, for a game of this genre, four hours seem quite less, at least on paper, but personally I believe they are sufficient in helping you make up your mind.

Here are a few highlights of the free trial:

  • The First Ever Free Trial for the #1 Citybuilder – Now you can get a taste of SimCity’s latest edition, released in 2013
  • Enjoy A Time-Limited Free Trial – Play for four hours and become the Mayor of your own cities
  • Only One Download – Just re-start the SimCity client on your desktop when you upgrade to the full version. No re-downloading required
  • Your Cities Are Saved Locally On Your Computer – Once you upgrade to the full version, you can continue expanding the cities you built during the free trial

Head over to Origin to download the trial. You will obviously require a free account to be eligible for the download.