Nintendo Challenges Bayonetta 2 Players to Achieve Platinum Grade

Bayonetta 2 is going to feature many challenges, two of which were brought forth by Nintendo at San Diego Comic-Con.

During a live-stream, the publisher dropped the challenge to everyone where the players were asked to achieve a grade of Platinum or Pure Platinum.

Achieving a grade of Platinum requires you to perform efficient combos and have a low completion time. That sounds simple enough, at least easier, when compared to Pure Platinum where the players are tasked with avoiding any hits at all.

In the video posted above, players are unable to escape being hit, but you can see them try out for both challenges just the same. You can also get a glimpse of just how the Platinum grade is achieved.

Earlier this week, the Lead Background Artist for Bayonetta 2 Shohei Kameoka shared some interesting details about how they are tackling lighting in the world environment. As an example to clarify the process, he posted a concept art and then a resulting model. Both images were then merged, and after some touchups the final scene was incredibly breathtaking. You can read on that here.

Bayonetta 2 is currently scheduled for release this October in North America and Europe. I say currently because 2014 is relatively the year of delayed games, with many anticipated titles being pushed back to next year. Hence, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Nintendo decided to jump into the same bandwagon and delay the game in order to polish it further.