In Juju’s Trailer, You Get Yourself In This Mess

Platform adventure Juju has thrown out a new trailer into the world. It’s the opening cinematic that shows the premise for the story.

In this clip, running in-game, a little bear, called Juju, is playing with a friend, a snake named Peyo. Juju’s father is a shaman, leaving the two to their day, while he sets off into the jungle.

The naughty duo follows the big bear into the wild, where they ultimately come to a temple. It’s here that magical incantations start, but get disrupted before completion.

Making use of the shaman’s absence, the two children cause mischief by messing with the temple’s altar. This spreads a ton of evil across the land and eventually unleashes a giant antagonist that kidnaps the father.

Right before being snatched, the shaman hands over a mask with mystic powers to Juju. It’s now up to the duo to go on a rescue mission and set everything back in order.



In this side-scrolling adventure, players will be able to make use of magical skills to defeat their enemies. This will be done in some bright and colorful environments with a natural touch.

Juju is being made by developer Flying Wild Hog, a studio from Poland. It’s a change of pace from their prior work. Previously, the company was responsible for cyberpunk shooter Hard Reset and the remake of Shadow Warrior in 2013.

Juju will be coming to PC in 2014. A Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 version is also in the works, but it is noted as having a separate release date.