GTA V Online Heists Features – Player Roles, Payouts and More

While GTA V may have been the undisputed best game of 2013, its multiplayer counterpart GTA Online had a lot of room for improvement.

The game came out with bugs and lags and plenty of issues, and the chaotic, uncontrolled nature of the entire multiplayer system was enjoyable for a while, but then one couldn’t stand being killed off by other players who were only looking to cause anarchy.

Rockstar are looking to inject some discipline and concurrent purpose for some to pursue in the form of GTA Online Heists – a DLC that has been promised since the multiplayer title released, but hasn’t come to fruition yet.

New information has arrived regarding this “expansion”, if that’s what you’d like to call it. According to the game’s source code, players will be able to take on at least six different roles in GTA Online Heists.

These include Driver, hacker, hired gun, leader, parachutist, and sniper, though it is not known whether the roles involve NPCs as well or exclusively players. The maximum amount you could earn by successfully pulling off the heist is $1.5 million, though this value will decrease if you perform it again and again.

The real question is when exactly GTA Online Heists will be released. We’ve already been blessed with confirmation that GTA V will actually release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but the only issue is that we haven’t been given a proper date (Q3/Q4 2014 window), and there’s hardly ever a Rockstar game that gets released on time.

We’re hoping that if the release date is early, GTA Online Heists makes its debut alongside the next-gen release of the parent title.

Source: VG247