Escape: Sierra Leone, Then Head To The Kickstarter

Independent developer Adam MacDonald has put up a Kickstarter campaign for Escape: Sierra Leone, a first-person survival game. It’s asking for a modest $10,000 to round out its development.

Escape: Sierra Leone is the commercial continuation of the developer’s prior efforts in the modding community. Previously MacDonald made Escape: Paradise for Crysis.

So, this title will use CryEngine 3 and sport quite some visual fidelity, though the Alpha footage is rather rough on shadows and nuance at the moment. Still, it definitely has a sort of Far Cry 3 vibe, where players are just stranded on a giant, hostile island.

In Escape: Sierra Leone, players will be tasked with survival, which means eating, drinking and so on. Additionally, it will be possible to collect weapons or scavenge fuel for any vehicles lying around.

There are also safehouses where it’s possible to save progress, since the goal is indeed to eventually escape. Loot is random, but will stick to a location-based logic.

Most importantly, it’s possible to dive into an Alpha version of Escape: Sierra Leone right now. There’s a link to a sizable download on the Kickstarter page.

Funds for the project will go towards fleshing out the world. For instance, additions would include basic crafting systems and some wildlife, as well as more items scattered around the world.

Escape: Sierra Leone has already been approved through Steam Greenlight, so that’s out of the way, in case you were wondering.

Aside from this project, MacDonald has worked on several realism mods for shooters, such as Quake 4, Fallout New Vegas and BioShock.