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Battlefield 4: CTE Updated With Patch 17, Aims to Improve Netcode and Fix Bugs

DICE is currently playing with a new batch of updates over on Battlefield 4’s Community Test Environment. These are aimed at fixing the revival bug, improving the netcode, changing the UI, and bringing various optimizations.

Here’s what is included in the patch.

  • Revive bug fix: No longer does ammunition and heath boxes block revives!
  • Paracel Storm optimizations: We’ve optimized paracel storm for PS3 (and every other platform). We have changed the rock formation object, which is used extensively on the map, and the broken carrier object as well – please help us test this to make sure it is working correctly!
  • Netcode: High Frequency Update – Added the “ON” option (forces 30hz). AUTO stays default. FrameHistoryTime testing concluded – we will be looking at our collected data, decide on a value and test this on all CTE servers soon.
  • UI de-cluttering: Added advanced gameplay options sliders to control the transparency of the inventory, player status, vehicle occupancy and kill log HUD elements
  • Weapon Animation fixes

Soldier Movement:

  • Added functionality to be able to shoot when falling (not jumping): This change makes it possible to shoot when falling (past apex of jumps and falling off of objects). Significant spread to guns is applied when doing this however.
  • Implemented BF3 soldier movement and sprint accelleration values: Also includes changes to when the soldier goes _into_ sprint – significant change from previous values on the CTE. We feel these values strikes a nice balance between more control, being able to get out of danger using sprint, and still staying true to the original BF4 movement.

Obliteration Competitive Improvements:

  • Fix for interaction UI behaving erratically when trying to arm/defuse the bomb

Golmud Railway:

  • Reduced size of combat area to help reduce players from spawn camping from behind and the side.
  • Fanned out the spawnpoints a bit so they’re not all clustered together and added a couple more spawnpoints.
  • Fixed bomb that was out of bounds.

Zavod 311:

  • Removed quad bikes.
  • Ladders are disabled to limit roof access.
  • Reduced combat area slightly to reduce potential back/side spawn camping.
  • Moved traincar bomb site to the opposite side where it’s less exposed.

via Battlelog CTE