Velocity 2X is Ready to Land on PS4 and PS Vita on Sep. 3

The anticipated space shooter has been given a release date on Playstation 4 and PS Vita by FuturLab. For the game, I will have to say that the indie developer has done a descent job by combining the two genres.

Velocity 2X is a mixture for platforming action along with the shoot ‘em-up style gameplay. The 2D fast moving shooter is a sequel to the famous Velocity Ultra games for Playstation 3.

The game was Announced last year on Sony’s gamescom press conference, since then fans were eagerly waiting for a release date to pop up.

It’s both puzzle oriented and well made sci-fi action shooter. And like its predecessors, expectation for this title is through the roof.

The game will be 1080p 60fps on Playstation 4 and a native 960×544 and 60fps on Vita. With Dynamic lighting, enhanced particle system and 3D camera zoom the game surely looks impressive.

The sequel is a big step forward from velocity ultra. It will features a full soundtrack and is also a leap forward when it comes to production value, still the game manages to keep one foot in its retro roots.

Game will also feature bosses that you can destroy by flying inside them and damaging their core. You will be able to blast away enemies with a gunplay which has a 360˚ shooting.

Furthermore., it will be a cross buy title and so you just have to buy one version, either on Ps4 or Vita to have access to both.

Strangely alongside the release date, no price was mentioned for the upcoming title from FuturLab.

Are you a fan of indie games? what are your thoughts on Velocity 2X ? Let us know in the comment section below.