The SIMS 4 Will Support Modding at Launch, EA Maxis Confirms

After making somewhat unfortunate decisions in 2013’s SimCity, it seems like EA Maxis has learnt its lessons the hard way and plans on integrating user-created content deep within the roots of its upcoming life-simulation game, The SIMS 4.

The SIMS 4 developers recently hosted Creator’s Camp event where they regarding modding as something truly inspirational and encouraged people to continue doing it in the forthcoming game:

[We want people to] continue doing it, as we want to be able to encourage and foster that creativity because it’s so important to what The Sims means to everyone.

EA Maxis plans on laying the foundation of modding right off the bat in order to facilitate users manage their created content. How far EA Maxis plans on taking modding, remains to be seen, but here are a few details extracted from the event:

  • Directory for Mods in the user data folder
  • Custom Content Technology Document with data formats that will help creators avoid conflict with what has been done in the game. This document to be expanded on
  • Dedicated Modding Section on The Sims 4 Official Forums for feedback, discussion, and issues
  • Game options panel contains section for mods. (Script and Non-Script)
  • H Gender species and sub-types included in the data format with some of them defined
  • The Sims 4 coding written in Python
  • Package files will not attach to creations when uploaded
  • The .ini file will be available to everyone just like it is in The Sims 3

The SIMS 4 launches on Sept. 4, 2014 for Mac and Windows PC.

Thanks, SIMSVip.