The Division Matchmaking Offers Multiple Ways to Connect With Other Players

Online matchmaking is the heart of any massively-multiplayer-online experience, and Massive Entertainment has a few tricks up its sleeves on how matchmaking will work in their upcoming title, The Division.

The Division’s Executive Producer, Fredrik Rundqvist has outlined three ways using which players will meet with other online players; the Green Zone where players will bump into other random players, ability to invite up to 4 players in your co-op party, and a separate PvP space:

There are three ways that you can meet up with other people in the game. It’s in the social hub or the Green Zone where you just walk around and bump into people, or you invite people to your co-op group, which is 1-4 people, plus the guy on the tablet (mobile game). Then we have the seamless integration with the PvP zone and there, you will be able to [engage] with people as well.

Rundqvist continued explaining that it’s not only a player’s level and skill that determines the matchmaking, but also where each player intend ongoing:

We take a lot more data into account when doing the matchmaking. It’s not only about the level of your progression or your skill level, we’re also looking at where do you want to be in the game and what do you like to do. I think it’s going to be a really great matchmaking system. Player reputation will also be taken into account.

We are also hearing the reports that Ubisoft is planning on pitting players having similar lifestyles against each other. How this will work remains to be seen, but it seems like if Ubisoft is planning on integrating this feature, they will probably ask players of their background. All in good time!

The Division launches sometime in 2015 across Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

Thanks, Examiner.