Star Citizen Accumulates $49 Million, Xi’an Space Plant Added

The deal with Cloud Imperium Games space trading and combat simulator, Star Citizen has sweetened a bit, thanks to its dedicated bunch of backers.

To celebrate its next milestone of accumulating $49 million from over 500,000 backers, the game’s backers will receive a virtual Xi’An Space Plant which according to Cloud Imperium Games, works like a bonsai tree:

Xi’An Space Plant – Similar to a bonsai tree, the Centennial Bloom is a very famous Xi’An plant indigenous to EealusIII that blossoms for one night every one hundred years. They sell the plants in sealed terrariums to traders. Ever since their introduction to the UEE, Humanity has been fascinated by these beautiful plants and the wait for them to bloom.

With $49 million in bank, Chairman of Robert Space Industries is seeking out for you, the game’s backers to suggest them ways of cashing their resources. Here are some of the ideas in studio’s mind:

  • Orgs Drop 2: Divisions, jobs and the 3D Organizations browser
  • Orgs Drop 3: Private forums for each Star Citizen Organization
  • Galactapedia: Your guide to the Star Citizen universe which ties directly into Star Citizen’s persistent universe
  • Web Scoreboards: Want to see your Arena Commander history on the website, or find out how you stack up against other Citizens
  • Known Universe Map: An interactive map of Star Citizen’s known universe which will expand along with the game

With everything settled down, the studio is aiming at whooping $50 million which will add authentic alien languages to the game. Yes, no gibberish developed by combination of random screams and noises, but a unique language developed by working with world-class linguistics; something like Dothraki from a Song of Ice and Fire. Well, that reference was a bit off, but you get the idea.

Better gear up to learn some alien languages!