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Renegade Kid Announced Xeodrifter For Nintendo 3DS

Developer Renegade Kid announced a new project for Nintendo 3DS, called Xeodrifter. This 2D side-scrolling adventure will feature some designs inspired by classics such as Metroid and Castlevania.

As usual for the developer, Xeodrifter is done is some colorful pixel art. Players take the role of a small space drifter character, which goes about the exploration of four different planets.

Each of these environments will have their own map of branching rooms, much like Metroid and such. Locations differ from industrial to alien organic.

Xeodrifter should be a relatively small title, which can be completed quickly. There will, however, be side content to fill out gameplay, for those who want to stay in this world a bit longer.

In the game’s announcement on GoNintendo, Jools Watsham of Renegade Kid explains some of the process of making the game. For one, Xeodrifter is currently running on a PC and it will only be brought over to a 3DS when it’s more functional.

Additionally, levels are created to purvey a certain sense of depth. In the developer diary, Watsham mentions:

The foreground layers are scaled up 200% so each pixel is larger than the default 1:1 pixel size. The layers in background are at 100% scale. This gives a great sense of depth and also allows the player to exist in the background without having to be scaled or redrawn to “look” smaller.

This trick was also used in the company’s previous game, Mutant Mudds. In that game, players could switch their character from the front to back panels.

Watsham previously hinted at the making of Xeodrifter when their ambitious drive for horror thriller Cult County failed to gain attention on Kickstarter. In the post, the developer mentions that Cult County is not in active production anymore. It will return to Treasurenauts after this release.