Moonrise Is Pokémon From The State of Decay People

Developer Undead Labs is partnering with free-to-play publisher Kabam for a mobile release, called Moonrise. This new project will release in early 2015 for both iOS and Android.

Moonrise is essentially a Pokémon-based idea or creature collection roleplaying game (RPG). Players embody Wardens, which is the substitute for trainers.

In this universe, the Moonrise is an event that turns creatures evil, from their benevolent Solari form to a Lunari state. Sol and Luna or Sun and Moon; it’s very clever in its light and dark scheme.

So, on your way to become a master trainer Warden, you’ll meet other trainers and defeat powerful creatures affected by the Moonrise. It’s possible to capture these critters, grow them and eventually evolve them.

It really is just Pokémon, but there’s one pretty big twist. Moonrise is said to have real-time battles.  Apparently, your team of Solari will have a selection of customizable skills and work on a turn rate that cycles every few seconds.

Undead Labs is currently mostly known for their work on the hit survival game State of Decay. It ran a widely successful campaign on Xbox Live.

Later, State of Decay went over to PC, though not for quite some time. It has since brought out a few additional pieces of content for the game.

Despite working on Moonrise, the developer is still committed to produce new content for the State of Decay series and their collaboration with Microsoft.

Moonrise is a wildly different sort of game, so at least Undead Labs isn’t staying in their comfort zone.