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The Last of Us: New Headgear and Gesture Bundles Releasing This Week and the Next

Sony and Naughty Dog have announced two new headgear bundles and a new gestures pack that will be available soon for purchase later this week.

You can opt to either purchase the gestures individually or in a bundle for $2.49. The Grit and Gear headgear pack on the other hand is going to cost you $6.99 and will be available once the PlayStation Store updates today. It features six items, including an exclusive item which can be attained only if you purchase the whole bundle.

The second headgear bundle is called the Professional Sports bundle and features seven items, including a bundle-specific item. It will be released next week for $7.99.

According to Naughty Dog, more add-on content will be coming after the next couple of weeks. The upcoming new content is said to include new maps and weapons for Factions mode. Additionally the developer will drop in even more cosmetic upgrades, that will have their own bundles and with them, bundle exclusive items.

The Last of Us: Remastered version features a long list of items in multiplayer that can only be purchased through microtransactions. This has divided the community into two with one respecting Naughty Dog’s decision, while the other is furious over having to purchase in-game items that are not even cosmetics.

Usually you see companies adding cosmetic upgrades as microtransactions and not weapons for example.

Source: Naughty Dog