Kalypso Media Confirms Tropico 5 Ban In Thailand


Reports are out that Thailand has banned the release of Tropico 5, a simulation game about dictatorship. Local marketing manager Nonglak Sahavattanapong stated:

The film and video censorship office blocked sales of “Tropico 5” because they feared “some part of its content might affect peace and order in the country,”

No further explanation was given by Thai censors. Thailand is currently under a military junta, a governing body comprised of military officials, which resulted from the coup d’état in the country earlier in May.

Tropico 5 allows players to govern their own island of denizens as El Presidente, a dictator in charge of all decisions. This can be directed in a number of ways, benevolent or not, with the help of a staff of ministers.

Despite the Tropico franchise’s humorous take on politics, Thailand doesn’t seem amused. The current junta is called the National Council for Peace and Order. They take that name seriously.

Publisher Kalypso Media was able to confirm the ban of Tropico 5 in Thailand today, stating that the local marketing firm won’t appeal the decision. Previously, Tropico 3 and Tropico 4 had been successful in the country, so the company is disappointed that this move was made.

There is, however, a likely reason for the game’s sudden targeting. In a release, the publisher gave the following explanation:

Kalypso Media did release a DLC pack titled ‘Junta’ for Tropico 4 in 2011 which challenges players to turn the island into a militaristic society.

It looks like Thailand gamers will need to resort to piracy for this one particular game. Then again, we’re not entirely sure if being caught with that would be a wise move over there, right now.