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Google Finally Takes Down “Bomb Gaza” App After Social Media Backlash

While women, children and humanity continue to face their demise in the Middle-East conflicts, Google apparently has no qualms about approving an app that tasks players with carrying out Israeli air strikes on Palestinians.

The game is blatantly called Bomb Gaza and has been on the Play Store since July 29, where it has been downloaded more than 1,000 times. It took at least a week of the media catching wind of it, and social networks uniting to request Google to take the game down, for the software giant to finally heed.

The game is no longer available on Google Play, but it has to be asked as to what exactly is the process of Google’s approval system. According to a statement issued by a spokesman, the company does not comment on specific apps and it only removes them if they “violate our policies.”

According to the game’s description, players are required to “drop bombs and avoid killing citizens.” I guess the last part made it alright and hence it wasn’t violating Google’s policies.

The amount of Palestinians killed so far in the real-world Gaza conflict is in the thousands. On the other hand Israel has confirmed that it has lost 64 of its soldiers and three civilians. It’s just in distaste for a sadistic person to release a game based on such a conflict.

This isn’t the only game available on Google Play that involves bombing Gaza. There are various others that could be taken down in the coming weeks, based on user-feedback.