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Far Cry 4 Setting is the Next Best Thing After Reality, or Maybe Better

With each passing day, Ubisoft is giving fans more reasons to be excited for its upcoming open-world shooter, Far Cry 4. Carefully crafted characters, realistic enemies, rideable animals, and the game’s setting itself are some of the most strong points of the game.

Standing on the brink of devastation at the hands of a civil war, the war-worn Himalayan region is similar and distinguishable from the world of Far Cry 3. Similar to its predecessor, the game’s location itself is one of the biggest characters in the game and at the same time, a very different place from a tropical island.

Far Cry 4

The diversity offered by Kyrat is something fans have never witnessed in previous Far Cry instalments. Cuddled comfortably among the sky-kissing mountains, Kyrat is surrounded by a vast number of biomes, as stated by Executive Producer Dan Hay:

When you look at it, Kyrat is literally the opposite of an island. It is a bowl nestled inside these mountains that gives you the opportunity to go through a whole bunch of biomes.

Unlike Far Cry 3, Kyrat offers verticality allowing players to dive, climb, and discover populations of flora and fauna before reaching their desired destination. The world simply doesn’t stop being real at this point. During struggles of topping the mountains, players will feel decline in the virtual temperature and that’s just the beginning of their experiences.

Since the game centres around and encourages exploration, most of these areas will be accessible right off the bat. Not only areas, but players will also get their hands on equipment aiding them in their expeditions. Here’s what the game’s Narrative Director Mark Thompson had to say about it:

The game is about exploration. It’s about discovering new things around every corner. It’s about the dynamic interaction of all of these different systems. All of the different outputs that can help. The incredible things that happen when the ecosystem meets the humans in the different biomes and the crazy personal stories that people take away.

It’s not only the world, but the game’s population and the setting’s customs and traditions that add a whole new flavour to it. Instead of standing like goofs, ready to get killed, the non-playable characters in Far Cry 4 will make much more sense. The game aims at seamlessly connecting everything so it emerges out as something real. Each in-game character will have a unique context of being in a particular location at a particular time. Their history, place of living, and work history; there won’t be anything that players wouldn’t know.

For Hutchinson, Far Cry 4’s story is players’ story which they will be able to live on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 on Nov. 18, 2014.