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Famitsu Review Scores Are In, Hyrule Warriors And Bulletgirls Score Big

The Japanese magazine has reviewed the heavily anticipated Hyrule Warriors and Bulletgirl, and both the games have managed to secure respectable scores.

Hyrule Warriors went past Bulletgirls and got a score of 36/40, while later also scored an impressive 30/40.

Bulletgirls is a PS Vita title in which you play as high school girls who are members of a Ranger group alternately known as Ranger Corp and are pretty active in the battlefield. Missions include both offensive and defensive types. Bulletgirls will be available for PS Vita exclusively in japan on Aug 21,2014

While Bulletgirls got a pretty good score, Hyrule Warriors topped the weekly famitsu scores. The game which is advertised as a tribute to the Legend of Zelda series is a Wii U exclusive.
There were four reviewers and each of them gave the game an 9/10.

Famitsu scored the games high, but the Japanese Magazine is somewhat known to give high scores. How good these games are actually? To know that we will have to wait until we get our hands on it.

What are your opinions about these scores? Are you excited about these games? Share your thoughts in the comments below.