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Dualshock 4 Wave Blue Confirmed to Release in a Few Weeks, Glacier White and Urban Camouflage to Follow

Sony consumers will soon be able to opt for new colored Dualshock 4 controllers.

According to newly updated product listings, the controllers will be available in three different colors. However, all three will release on different days and hence, you’ll have to keep track of your favorite one to ensure a day one purchase.

Glacier White Dualshock 4 ($59.99) (Release Date: September 9)
The controller comes in a sleek white finish, that goes well with the upcoming Destiny PlayStation 4 bundle that will feature a white colored console. This bundle will release alongside the Glacier White Dualshock 4 controller.

Wave Blue Dualshock 4 ($59.99) (Release Date: August 19)
The controller comes in a sleek blue finish with black bottom tips. The color is bold but personally I find it less attractive.

Urban Camouflage Dualshock 4
($59.99) (Release Date: September 30)
The controller comes in a military camouflage finish that features different tones of grey.

The first of three is the Blue Dualshock 4 controller, which will release in a few weeks. As for the rest of them, PlayStation 4 owners will have to wait it out. I would like to point out that the Glacier White version will probably sell out first. It’s best to secure a piece now and pre-order the item online.