Driveclub is Also Getting a Photo Mode, Surprised?

Originally a PS4 launch title, Driveclub was delayed last year which left a lot fans Disappointed.

Since then, Developer Evolution Studios has worked hard to make this game stand out among others in the same genre. From Dynamic weather system to amazingly realistic cars, and with beautifully detailed environment and draw distance, drive club is proving to be worth the wait.

Now we are months away from its launch, when game Director Paul Rustchynsky confirmed on Twitter that his team at Evolution Studios is working on a photo mode for this heavily anticipated title.

The Game is making an appearance at Gamescom later this month and hopefully we will know more about drive club’s photo Mode.

These type of modes are becoming a trend these days, And was also a part of Sony’s Flagship title The Last of Us Remastered which received a positive feedback.

And you can imagine how useful and fun something like this can be in a game as beautiful looking as Driveclub, capturing those special moments of victory or just admiring the landscape. This news has got me excited.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you excited about the photo mode and planning to put it to good use? let us know below.