Destiny: Ghost Edition is Being Sold at $1,000 on eBay, Brain Exploded?

Alright! I do believe that Destiny: Ghost Edition is worth getting, but for over a $1,000? I won’t even take a second before hitting the conclusion that no, I’m better off without it, but you never know with this hardcore gaming community.

Announced last month at an official price of $149.99, Destiny: Ghost Edition was apparently lucrative enough to go out of stock at Amazon within a period of less than 24 hours. Here we are, after one month, gasping at numerous listings on auction site eBay where a number of users are selling their secured bundles for over $600.

In case $600 doesn’t surprise you, try the next one; posted over NEOGAF, a seller Apassaretti79 has sold out a bundle for Xbox One for $1,025.00. How do you feel about it? Brain exploded?


Those of you wondering what comes with Destiny: Ghost Edition, here’s a quick rundown of all items:

  • Limited Edition Steel Book
  • Replica of Ghost
  • Golden Age Relics
  • Guardian Folio
  • Arms and Armament Field Guide
  • Post Cards from the Golden Age
  • Antique Star Chart
  • Collector’s Edition Digital Content
  • A Unique Ghost Casing
  • An Exclusive Player Emblem
  • An Exclusive Player Sip Skin
  • The Destiny Expansion Pass

Destiny launches worldwide on Sept. 9, 2014 across Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. Every pre-ordered title will come packed with the Vanguard Armoury which will give players early access to weapons, gear, and exclusive player emblems.