Banner Saga Publisher Will Bring Toren To PS4 And PC

Publisher Versus Evil has reached an agreement with Brazilian studio Swordtales. Together, they’ll bring the mysterious game Toren to Playstation 4 and PC in early 2015.

Toren is a 3D explorative adventure based on a poem. As you’d expect, this creates quite the artistic atmosphere.

In the game, players follow a girl named Moonchild through a tower filled with picturesque environments. There’s some natural growth surrounding the stone structures though, so don’t expect a dreary grey climb.

Of course, there will be puzzles to solve to get ahead in Toren. Things will need to be pulled, pushed, there’s some jumping to do and so on.

Moonchild can also carry a sword, but being young, she doesn’t appear to be all too able to strike down enemies. It has a little flair similar to Ico, but only on a face value level that should please fans.

This is Swordtales’ biggest project to date. Models and textures have a bit of roughness so far, but the total of elements already makes it look quite charming.

Aside from Toren, publisher Versus Evil is slowly but surely handling a selection of indie titles. It also announced partnerships for Kyn, Habitat and a sequel to Afro Samurai.

Previously, the company was mostly known for forging an alliance to bring The Banner Saga to consumers. It did quite the splendid job with that one, so hopefully this is the case for several other projects.

Toren is one of the first titles to be supported by the Brazilian Cultural Incentive Law. This gives the studio some financial benefits.