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Xbox One Games in China Will be Region Locked

While the Chinese Government has lifted the ban on gaming consoles being sold legally in the market, it seems like that Chinese officials are not as liberal towards gaming market and industry as the western.

The Chinese gaming community was hoping that the Xbox one and games will be region free just like in other countries, but Microsoft China’s VP Xie Enwie made it clear that the console and its games will be completely region locked. Xie said that the Xbox One games in the country will not be playable on any of the imported consoles.

So it means that Gamers who intended to import consoles or play imported games should be left with a bitter taste in their mouth as for the time being, there seems to be no alternative. Even the online retailers who previously were advertising the console being region free have taken down their ads.

I am not really much surprised about the news as it’s China we are talking about and they are always quite cautious about the foreign products entering their markets.

Microsoft on the other hand must be aware of the challenges ahead and planned accordingly. Even if the console is region locked, it’s millions of people we are talking about in China who can be tagged under the label of gamers.

Xbox one starts at RMB 3699 or $600 in the official Chinese market and includes the standard 500 gb HDD along with Kinect.