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Watch_Dogs 2 is Here Already? Ubisoft is Asking Players for Feedback

I always knew that this would happen, but little did I know that this would happen so soon. Apparently, Ubisoft is sending out emails asking players what they would like to see in the yet-to-be announced sequel of its third-person hacking game, Watch_Dogs 2.

Originally dug up by a Redditor, TheTyGoss, the studio is asking players to take a 20-minute long survey on how they can better the game. Here’s the complete email along with a screengrab:

Hello Hackers,

Please help us make sure the next Watch_Dogs game is even better by answering this short survey!

This should take less than 20 minutes. Your answers will remain anonymous so don’t think too hard when answering and be honest – there are no good or bad answers!

Thank you for taking the survey!

Watch_Dogs Team

Watch_Dogs 2

Those of you who have been closely following Watch_Dogs news will remember Ubisoft’s statement concerning the game’s sequel. According to developer/publisher, they never tend to dive into a project unless they have no plans of transforming it into a franchise. Take Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia as some examples!

Also, if you remember the game’s ending, you will clearly remember mention of ctOS 2.0 and hacking syndicate DedSec threatening the game’s protagonist Aiden Pearce.

In addition to points made above, just recently, Ubisoft also teased an announcement related to some content/game being set in the city of Camden, New Jersey. As of now, it is unclear whether it was in reference to a new DLC or the game’s sequel.

Our best guess points to a new DLC. What about you? Do you think Watch_Dogs 2 is already in the making? Let’s hope Gamescom will clear some things, at least the ones related to Camden, New Jersey.