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Wasteland 2 Delayed To Wait For Physical Items

Developer inXile Entertainment has announced on Kickstarter that Wasteland 2 would slip on its normal release date. The roleplaying game (RPG) is now said to make its full entry in the first or second week of September.

There’s a pretty outdated reason for the push. Wasteland 2 has to wait for physical discs and goods to be manufactured and that production just isn’t ready. That’s a throwback in this digital age.

Still, there’s no real reason for panic, since Wasteland 2 has long since been available for the public that wants their hands on it. You can grab it right now on Steam through Early Access for €44.99.

This news of a delay also comes with a new build to keep you busy. Its update page for the changes is huge, just absolutely gigantic.

In the Kickstarter post, it highlights some of the more important changes. For instance, there’s been quite some balance work done, as well as adjustment to anything from stats to damage and skills.

Wasteland 2 now also sports a mini-map that should help with navigation. In general, the user interface gets a little rework as well.

For performance, Wasteland 2 should now strain less and decrease load times. Our personal favorite is the last line:

Oh-so-much general clean-up/polish and iteration.

Wasteland 2 from Brian Fargo is one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns games have seen. Out of a needed $900,000, the sequel to a classic RPG managed to rake in a bit shy of $3 million.

Aside from its current Early Access form, Steam has also added the original Wasteland to its store. It has a much more conservative price of €5.49.