Shooter Toxikk Goes Back To Basics, People Love It

Developer Reakktor Studios wants to take shooters back to before everything was centered on tier-based player progression. It has announced Toxikk, a first-person shooter that frags like its 1999.

In the debut trailer, action is its centerpiece, as well as stating how unlike everything else it is on the market today. For instance, the shooter will rely on 8-player arenas or 16 players if you’d like to add some vehicles to the mix.

Tired of regenerating health? There’s none of that here. Also, no iron sights, no stat leveling, no reloading and no cover system.

It doesn’t even resort to player classes or loadouts. It does have scopes, but only for weapons that deserve to have some.

Going further on its traditional vibe, the game is proud to state it’s designed specifically for PC. They have no intentions to port Toxikk at any point.

One of the only things that might be a bit too much is reveling in the announcement that Toxikk says no to free-to-play. It’s a bit brash, considering games like Team Fortress 2, but they do have a good reasoning ready for it:

Allowing players to buy different (i.e. better) weapons or to permanently boost their stats does totally contradict the idea of classic arena FPS gaming in our opinion.

Since the catchy trailer has launched, people have been flocking to Toxikk en masse, so it would indicate people are up for the idea. Developer Reakktor Studios put up the stats for the first 24 hours on their site.

At the time of writing, the clip already has over 200,000 views.

It’s not really the only time shooters have tried to do this though. Just before bailing, publisher THQ brought mod game Nexuiz to the market as well, but not to much acclaim.

Hopefully, the early numbers for Toxikk prove that there is a crowd waiting.