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Original BioShock Announced for iOS Release This Summer

2K Games had been teasing a BioShock related announcement for the past week or so. Some hoped for a new installment in the series, while others assumed it to be a BioShock bundle featuring all titles and related DLC packs. The actual announcement came out to be an iOS version of the original BioShock game and it will release this summer. What a let down!

According to the official announcement, Irrational Games’ BioShock will release for compatible iPad and iPhone devices only. Interested parties will need a fairly new Apple product in order to play. That puts everyone to at least own an iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad Mini 2, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, or iPhone 5. The game will also come with complete controller support.

The game will not be free-to-play and will carry a premium price. While the developer has not revealed a specific price point, the notion of a “premium price” usually sees to something within the $10 – $30 range.

From the released screenshots, the game looks terrible on mobile. It already being a seven year old game, the mobile port further cuts down the lighting and shadows. The magic of Rapture seems less effective, as do the animations.

In the past 2K Games has been successful in bringing many of their titles to mobile devices, such as XCOM: Enemy Unknown which was a great experience on iOS and Android devices. BioShock still holds a great storyline. While I’m personally not too pumped about this port, many others might find it intriguing.