Minecraft Xbox One Release is Only a Fortnight Away, According to a Leaked Image

Current-gen and PS Vita port of sandbox indie title, Minecraft is one the most hyped titles to release this year. And although 4J Studios has provided a possible release window, they are eluding from unveiling a solid release date. On the other side of the picture, a leaked image has surfaced online and tends to provide a concrete release date of the game.

The said leaked image is provided by a Minecraft Forums user, RoosterRider80 who recently went to his local Gamestop Retailer and managed to get his hands on a list of upcoming Xbox One games with their respective release dates and pricing details including Minecraft Xbox One Edition.

Another factor that adds more weight to the authenticity of the leaked image is the word of the store representative himself. RoosterRider80 has mentioned that the store representative confirmed to him that the Minecraft Xbox One Edition will indeed launch on the said date i.e. Aug. 19. Considering RoosterRider80’s or store representative to be true, we are just a fortnight away from the official release of the Minecraft Xbox One Edition.

Here is the image leaked on the Minecraft Forums:

Minecraft Xbox One Edition

Last month, while discussing the development progress of the current-gen ports, 4J Studios’ representative stated that most of the work on the port is done and the development team is primarily working on fixing some bugs and a save file transfer from PS3 to PS4 and PS Vita and from Xbox 360 to Xbox One.

What’s your take on this?