Madden NFL 15 Xbox One Bundle Announced

Microsoft has announced a special bundle for its flagship gaming platform, the Xbox One. This new bundle is the result of a partnership between EA Sports and the tech giant to release a limited edition of the console to celebrate the release of Madden NFL 15.

Madden NFL series completed its 25th anniversary last year, and has been a franchise that has lasted across five console generations. EA Sports’ Madden has become the undisputed number one selling American football videogame in recent times, and it seems the trend will continue on with little to no competition.

The Madden NFL 15 Xbox One Bundle will launch in US stores, including Microsoft’s own retail outlets. The official launch date of this bundle is August 26, and it will cost $399.

The contents of the bundle are:

  • Download code for Madden NFL 15 on Xbox One
  • Standard Xbox One console
  • Standard Xbox One wireless controller
  • Standard Xbox One chat headset
  • Special edition Madden NFL 15 packaging
  • Token for three Madden NFL Ultimate Team Pro Packs

The console bundle can be pre-ordered now, and it should be in your hands on the same date as the release of EA Sports’ NFL title.

Source: Xbox Wire